This Privacy policy sets out how we manage personal information, information equivalent to it, and security in Ramip(https://ramip-life.com) (hereinafter 「This site」 ) for visitors (hereinafter 「Customers」) to this site regarding our services ( information provided by this site, inquiry etc…).

1. Basic Policy

In this site, we understand the importance of personal information and consider protecting personal information is the social responsibility. This site comply with laws, regulations and other rules and appropriately managing acquired personal information. Information acquired in this site, we handled for a purpose other than the purpose of Utilization .

2. Scope

This Privacy Policy is only applied in this site.

3. Purpose of Use of the Personal Information

When collecting and using personal information from customers, we will clarify the purpose of use and use the fairest means within the limits necessary to achieve the purpose. This site uses personal information for inquiry and shopping service etc as below.

・ Sale and promotion of products on this site (including e-mail)
・ Packaging and shipping of products purchased on this site
・ Implementation of campaigns, questionnaire etc.
・ Billing and accounting calculation
・ Respond to various inquiries
・ Investigation and analysis of marketing data
・ Creation of new services based on marketing data
・ In case our site is entrusted with handling personal information by other companies
・ Execute the delegated task
・ Exercise of rights and execution of obligations based on contracts and laws
・ Statistical data which is not able to identified

4. Provision of personal information to a third party and Entrusted

In case in which all or part of the held personal information is assigned to the third party, we will make necessary inquiries and appropriate oversight of the handling of held personal information by this site so as to ensure the seculities of said information.
This site will not disclose customers personal information to the third party without consent except below cases.

・Prior consent from customers
・In case our site assign the business to the third party within the scope necessary for the achievement of purpose of Utilization
  ※ we will make necessary inquiries and appropriate oversight of the handling of held personal information by this site so as to ensure the seculities of said information.

・When judging that customers cause a disadvantage for third person
・Cases in which the provision of personal data is based on laws and regulations and permitted by law.
・When taking over the business based on laws.

5. Disclose, Correct, Add, Delete and Suspension of Use of personal Information

In case Customer would like to disclose, Correct, Add, Delete and Suspension of Use of Personal Information, after confirming a person is confirmed to be the person concerned and will take action immediately.

6. Cookie

This site uses Cookie for some contents. Cookie is information stored in the browser but not including personal information such as your name and email address etc. We may use Cookie in order to distribute effective advertisements to visitors and access analysys. It is possible not to use Cookie by setting the browser.

7. Advertisement on this site

This site uses third-party advertising services (Google Adsense, A8.net, Amazon Associates, Value Commerce, iTunes Affiliate Program). These advertisement service distributors may use information regarding access to this site or other sites "Cookie" (not including name, address, email address, phone number).in order to display advertisements for products and services according to the customer's interest. Click here to learn more about this process for Google Adsense and how to prevent such information from being used by Ad distributors.

8. Access Analysis Tool

This site uses Google's access analysis tool "Google Analytics". This Google Analytics uses Cookie to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and it is not for specifying personal information. This function can refuse collection by disabling cookies, so please check your browser settings. Click here or click here for more information on these terms.

9. Copyright

The copyrights and portrait rights of the images posted on this site belong to each right holder. It is not the purpose to intrench upon one’s right.If there is a problem with the content of the article or the posted image, kindly contact us directly by email. We will respond after confirming a person is confirmed to be the person concerned.

In addition, Reproduction or appropriation of HTML, images and photographs within this tite is prohibited without permission. When quoting, please post a link to this site and specify that it is a reprint.

10. Disclaimers

We try to post as accurate information as possible about the content and information on this site, but there may have incorrect information or information that it’s out of date. Please note that we will not take any responsibility for any damages caused by the contents posted.

Our site will not bear any responsibility whatever for the protection and management of information on the external links posted on this site. Therefore it is recommended that you check the privacy policy of the external link and check the details of the handling of customer information including personal information.

11. Contact

Please contact to below email address regarding this site or deal with personal information
Email address : info@ramip-life.com

12. Changing privacy policy

This site will comply with Japanese laws and regulations that apply to the personal information, and will review and improve the content in this Policy appropriately. The latest revised privacy policy will always be disclosed on this page.

Released on 1st January 2020
Updated on 1st January 2020